ASTRO BALLS – Development diary 01

While we are working on our new game, ASTRO BALLS: I would like to write a few posts about our processing of 2D and 3D graphics.

Today I would like to speak about the special effects and the particles effects that will be in ASTRO BALLS. The main software that we are using is ILLUSION that is perfect for this type of things. After the “dirty” creation of the effect, we go to AFTER EFFECTS. Here we start off with the post production correction and maybe we add some new effects to make the effects better but also to understand how the final render will be. Subsequently, I send all the materials to the programmer that he will add to the project.




ASTRO BALLS – First Images

So, today I am going to speak you about a small preview of our new game of BALZA Games: this is ASTRO BALLS, a survival with a sci-fi theme that should be available in early september.

As I said before, this is a survival sci-fi game where the player has to survive in arenas of growing difficulty. The game will have its own story and it will be along of 9 blocks composed by 3 levels each one for a total of 27 levels + 3 hidden levels. In the game you can choose between 5 different alien races that will have the spaceship controlled by the player. Every spaceship will have a particular feature.

You will use 13 different power-ups, offensive and defensive. The backgrounds and the spaceships are 3D pre-rendered. The aliens’ concept are realized by Francesco (Dead Nation, Rusty Dogs, The professionist) Montarino, a very good Italian designer that has recently joined our team.

Astro Balls is in our projects since few months and the work is going on in a good way: we hope to release a beta at the end of August and then to send the game to Apple and with the release in early September on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and then for Android.


Cluster update 1.1!

Hi guys,

yesterday apple approved the first update of Cluster HD and Cluster (1.1). Here is the change log:

-fixed bug that not unlock level 4
-fixed bug in level 3-10
-fixed other bug
-better performance

Now the size of the game is 49.5 mb instead of the 63.5 of the 1.0 version!

please update immediately your version.

Cluster finally available on the App Store!

Cluster HD and Cluster are just approved from apple are now living on the App Store. Here are the links:


iPhone/iPod Touch:


Please Download it and share it with your friends!

Cluster sent to Apple and new Games!

Hi everyone,

We are proud to announce you that yesterday we finished to work on our first game Cluster and the game is now under “waiting for review” by Apple, where we hope that it will be approved next week.

We are very happy of our first game but we are already working on our next title and his name is DEATH BALLS. At the moment we can’t tell you other details but stay in touch with us because we will give you an amazing preview of the game.

Cluster HD: Description and new Screenshots

Hi guys,

after the beta test time started, we worked on the screenshot and on the description.

Here is the english description (this will be also in italian, german, french and spanish!):

Cluster is a simple puzzle game to face but it needs a good deal of tactics. The player is called to control a vector that must grow in dimensions to win the various levels. To arrive at the end, you will need to good calibrate the dimensions of the vector and attempt to avoid the numerous enemies cubes that will change such effects such according to the level. Every blocks of Cluster have an own feature of gameplay that accentuate the difficulty:
Easy, Medium and Hard are the first blocks to face to arrive to the final challenge, the Psychedelic. Will you be able? The challenge is opened. Afterwards we will add new blocks, new difficult levels and absolutely new special cubes.

-31 game levels
-4 Blocks with increasing difficulty
-7 special cubes
-simple 3D graphics but sought


1st Screenshot of Cluster HD

Here is the first screenshot of Cluster HD. we have just started beta testing. we hope to see Custer HD and Cluster on the App Store in 2-3 weeks!